There are always ideas to be implemented in my head. If I have time, I make notes and draw drafts. Preparation is also great joy, I place glass rods next to each other. First I place the glass on a metal wand dipped into bead release liquid, this is how the beads are created. Glass melts at several hundred or even thousand degrees to the point where it can be formed and rolled as wanted. For each new colour or pattern I use a new rod. Creating a more complex bead may take up even an hour. After that, they are put into a digitally controlled kiln where they are cooled for up to 5 hours to room temperature, so that there is no tension in them that may cause breaking. After taking off the beads from the wand, I clean the holes with a diamond grill. Jewellery composition comes after this. I also place great emphasis on the photo, although it means a lot of work for me, but many customers buy from me choosing solely from a photo.

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