My name is Barbara Moro, I was born in 1975 in Budapest.  I am a mechanical engineer by profession, I graduated from Budapest University of Technology in 1998.

I have been involved in creative activities ever since I was a child. I like to have handmade things around me, in my home and in my environment. I have made my first beads in 2005, but my enthusiasm peaked after an exhibition during our two-year long stay abroad. I have bought the starting kit then, practiced daily, at that time still in a bathroom. But I felt I could be myself in this art. I could express my feelings and moods through colours.


I have been making handmade glass beads for six years now. I create glass beads of unique colour, shape and pattern from glass rods using a gas torch.


I graduated as a silversmith in 2014 so I combine my glass beads with sterling silver since then.

I am overwhelmed by the beauty of glass melting in the flame and the ability to make whatever I want from it. The enormous freedom of this technique is what has drawn me to flamework glass beads. Besides, glass is an interesting and long-lasting material.

The Book “Lámpaláz” The Technique